She Saw A Man Waiting For The Bus In The Rain! What She Did Is Inspiring!

What was the last “act of kindness” that you were able to do for someone? It doesn’t need to be big. In fact, some of the “biggest” acts of kindness end up being some of the smallest. Holding open a door for a stranger or even buying the morning coffee for a coworker can easily brighten their day. One woman had found a unique and easy way to do good deeds in her community…and it doesn’t cost her very much at all!


Today it was cool and rainy and I saw a man standing at an uncovered bus stop, without a hat or umbrella. I stopped and gave him the umbrella I carry in my car along with a smile card. I had missed yoga today because of daylight savings, but because I missed class, I was able to do this kindness act, which for me is most important and enjoyable.  I try to carry extra umbrellas in my car for this purpose; to help those caught in the rain! It’s a fun one.

Tiny umbrellas are an inexpensive way to help people and make a difference in their lives! You might even attach a sweet note wishing them a good day! No one expects to get caught out in the rain, so being given a random umbrella can really make a difference! 

It’s a simple idea. Just keep those extra umbrellas in the backseat of the car! I’ve got a few old umbrellas lying in my garage somewhere…this is a great way to give back and make someone’s day a bit easier! 🙂

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