She Saw A Man Carrying A Skeleton In Army Fatigues. What He Had To Say Was CHILLING.

Stacy Kieper saw a man walking down the street holding something strange. A skeleton dressed as a soldier was being carried by a large man with a sign on his back. She stopped him and asked what he was doing, and more importantly, why he was doing it.

He told her, holding back tears, that his friend and fellow soldier had committed suicide the day before, and it was time for him to take a stand to spread awareness about a huge problem among soldiers who had returned home. She posted the encounter on Facebook, and the story has gone viral.

John Newcomb is asking for support in a shocking way, and he hopes that it will gain help for the soldiers who need it.

Every 22 seconds, one of my brothers or sisters takes their own life. You are never too heavy, I will carry you. I made this in hopes that something drastic might open some peoples’ eyes.”

He decided to walk 3.5 miles of downtown streets, and although he was nervous at first, he knew that he needed to do something outrageous to make people pay attention to what he had to say.

…maybe, just maybe, as I sit here recovering and drenched in sweat, if I can get through to someone, maybe it’s time to get drastic indeed.”

Many people have responded to the post, stating that while “these soldiers never failed us overseas, we have failed them when they return.” What do you think of Newcomb’s drastic actions? His heroic actions are raising awareness to a very serious problem, and we hope that he will be able to help.

(edited for clarity)


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