She Saw A Homeless Man Asking For “Help.” Months Later, She Couldn’t Believe What He’d Overcome.

ShelbyLynn A. is a real estate agent who shared this incredible story that was months in the making, and thousands of people are in awe at this chain of events. One choice made months before came back to her in a nearly unbelievable way and she hopes that it will inspire others with a very simple message.

On a freezing day in January, she spotted a homeless man on the side of the road holding up a cardboard sign that read:

Need a little help. Will pay it forward.”

Normally, she gives out food…but this time, she just felt like she should make more of an effort. His sign didn’t say “homeless,” and she wasn’t sure what his situation was, but she chose to give him the help he asked for.

I never caught his name, but I remembered his face. I remembered everything; the dingy clothes he had been wearing in the thirty degree weather, his dog he had wrapped in blankets instead of himself, and the shamefulness in his eyes as I offered him the money. I said a prayer for him and drove away.” She wrote.

Months later, she received a call from a new client that asked for her by name. She arranged the meeting and arrived to the house…only to realize that it was the man from months before.

As soon as I pulled into the driveway, my eyes were first drawn to a plump dog hanging out of the window of a truck that seemed as happy as could be. I recognized him first. This time, though, he was wearing a collared shirt, freshly-starched jeans, boots, and had a clean-shaven face. The first thought that crossed my mind was that he had scammed me by pretending to need money in those dingy clothes, but I later found out that was not the case at all.” She wrote.

His ex-wife had taken everything and he’d been forced to start over. He hadn’t needed a handout at the time, just a little help. He had since gotten a new job, a new truck, and had started a new life on his own. When his friend mentioned needing to find a new house, he knew just who to call, finally making good on his promise to “pay it forward.”

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