She Saw A Cooler On The Side Of The Road But Was Disgusted By What She Found Inside

Picking up discarded items from the side of the road is a past time for many people who enjoy re-purposing broken furniture and putting old items to good use. So, when one woman spotted this large cooler on the side of the road, she thought she was about to get an awesome deal. But as soon as she opened the lid, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Nine German Shepherd puppies were crammed tightly into the small space, slowly suffocating on top of one another. Covered in their own urine and feces, she called animal control, who then called the Vet Ranch.

Karri McCreary, the veterinarian who drove to the location, found the puppies still inside of the cooler. They were large puppies and noted that the puppies must have been dropped off just minutes before the random woman found them. In the hot Texas weather, the puppies would have suffocated from the lack of oxygen and heat in just a few minutes more.10-26a6She took the puppies back to her clinic, lifting each one out to discover that every single puppy was as healthy as could be. They were cuddly and playful, ready to experience life outside of their would-be coffin.

Once they were all fed and allowed freedom to move, they napped together as puppies love to do.10-26a7They received an examination, vaccinations, and are all set to be adopted! Families have already started to line up to adopt a little puppy from the cooler!


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