She Saved The Shells From 3lbs Of Pistachios. LOOK At What She Did With Them!

Who doesn’t love pistachios? But all of those shells can quickly make a mess if you don’t have a place to toss them. One woman realized that her family was generating a lot of shells and suddenly had a bit of quirky inspiration. She wanted to make a festive fall wreath and knew just what to do.

She grabbed hundreds of shells, a low temperature glue gun, and a straw wreath to make her vision come true.
9.2a2She chose a straw wreath instead of a wire or foam backing because the hot glue would melt it and not adhere correctly. She needed a sturdy background because she was planning to use a lot of glue.

The “flowers” started with a small cluster of shells. She dabbed on a dot of glue and held the shells in place until they dried. You could use a regular hot glue gun, but since there are so many shells, waiting the extra time for hot glue to dry would be a waste of time…and time was iportant in this project.9.2a3This placement of shells took over 20 hours to create. Full “blooms” and small clusters, the shell-flowers spanned the wreath in a unique display. The next step was to choose a color. She decided to hand-paint the shells individually, but spray pain would work just as well.9.2a4She sealed it all in with a clear varnish and tied a ribbon to hang it on her door. Adding a letter to represent her family name, the wreath was completed.9.2a5Would you try something like this?


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