She Said She Would Do ANYTHING To Pass The Exam For His Class…What He Wanted SHOCKED Her!

It’s the end of the semester and this is her last class! She hadn’t had time to study for this test, and she knew that there was no way she would be able to study enough of the material in time to make a good enough grade. These final exams are worth 40% of the grade. Without passing this test, there is no way she could make acceptable marks! All of the time spent in class would have been for nothing. She would have to take the class all over again next year! That’s another huge chunk of money tossed down the drain! She decides to get creative and see if there is anything else this professor would accept…


What’s more, he could easily have her expelled for such inappropriate behavior! At least she learned a valuable lesson that day – don’t say “anything” if you don’t mean “anything!” She really should have managed her time better…

Good thing this professor was ready for such silly offers like this! He had the perfect response to her ridiculous question! I bet she’ll study harder next time!

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