She Ripped Up Her Old Carpet And Found A Hidden Cellar! The Previous Owners Had Hidden It!

Over the decades, secrets get lost and people forget the past. At one point in the early 1900s, someone built this home with a floor cellar. Owner after owner, the cellar was slowly forgotten or left out during tours at some point. While the history of this cellar is lost to time, there were some really neat items left to be found!

The cellar in question:


How was this missed in the inspections? No one knows…whoever lived here before had quite the collection of glass jars!4.5a6

Fruits and vegetables were still preserved.

Gorgeous bottles in old styles sit untouched, collecting dust and dirt.4.5a8

They never finished their bottle of blended whiskey.4.5a9

Grape jelly from 1955, anyone?4.5a10

An important and controversial tax on Jukeboxes? There’s no denying how old this cellar is!4.5a11

While it isn’t as cool as the┬átaxidermy ostrich found in a Paris socialite’s secret apartment from the late 1800s, it’s still a fun look into the past. Stories like these are inspiring people to create time capsules of their own for their grandchildren and great grandchildren to open once they have passed. Finding gems like these are incredible, and while they sometimes leave us with more unanswerable questions, they are exciting to see! Have you ever found something like this? It’s amazing!

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