She Ripped Out Her Carpet And PAINTED The Concrete Underneath. Wow!

Ready to get rid of that carpet? If it’s white or beige (like most homes, at least), countless stains, spills, grime, and even mold can start calling your plush carpets “home.” Those thick tufts of fuzz get flattened and stiff, and after a few years or decades, it just doesn’t feel as welcoming as it once did. But instead of budgeting for new carpet, many people are deciding to just rip it up and make do with the concrete underneath instead. While some will leave the concrete just as they found it…others are getting creative and making truly stunning works of art!

She filled in some of the holes in the concrete and sanded away glue leftover from the carpet. She added a base coat to everything and then got to work.

She ordered a lace stencil from a store online and started slowly.

I redid the first stencil probably four times. I couldn’t get it perfect and then I figured out it didn’t need to be. The allover pattern was super forgiving.”

In the end, no one could spot a singe mistake! She painted the floors white and decided to color over the stencil with gray. The pattern makes it look so intricate!

11-8a11While it appears that a white design has been painted over gray, she actually painted the negative spaces for the white to show through!11-8a12

After it had dried, she added a polyeurothane coat to seal everything in and keep the design from scuffing. Removing the carpet was an amazing idea! This is gorgeous!


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