She Received This Package From An Anonymous Woman And Was STUNNED!

Feeling accepted, represented, and valued is an important thing for children all around the world, but for Sheza Hasan’s family, seeing dolls that represented her children was almost unheard of.

While out shopping, an anonymous person must have noticed this too. The toy sections in the stores around them just didn’t carry dolls that looked like the Hasan’s, and the mysterious person wanted to do something kind for the children. What better way to let the kids know that they were important and valued by making hand-made dolls? And so, the person got to work, sewing and stuffing 25 little dolls with head scarves and modest clothing to give out.

Hasan opened her front door one day and was met with a box full of little hijabi dolls smiling up at her.
The woman included a note and told her Hasan that she wasn’t sure who to give them to but thought they would be appreciated by other children in her community. (She also made sure to point out that the dolls were from a home that had cats in case anyone had allergies!)

This warmed my heart and reminded me that there are ALWAYS more good people out there than the other kind. Some gestures touch you deep into your soul. This was one of those for me. For someone to recognize me, my religion, and to give us agency herein. I felt acknowledged. And accepted. And welcomed.” Hasan wrote. 

The adorable dolls warmed her heart, and are continuing to warm thousands as the post is shared all across social media!

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