She Received Her Diploma…And Walked Out Of The Ceremony!

Is she brilliant or is she disrespectful? The internet cannot make up its mind. 19-year-old Tayler Gray attended the graduation ceremony at her high school and promptly left the auditorium after receiving her diploma. She didn’t want to sit through the long and tedious ceremony with people she didn’t want to be with. You see, she had more in store for the day and wasn’t going to sit through more than half of the alphabet to leave. There was traffic to beat and family to spend time with…so she quietly walked out instead of walking back to her seat.

She had enrolled in an online program to finish her high school career while simultaneously attending Lehigh Career and Technical Institute to become a nurse’s assistant. She is planning to become an ultrasound technician. The only thing in her way was her high school diploma. She barely saw her classmates while attending the Institute.

But critics say that it’s just a part of life. People had to sit politely through her moment when she walked across the stage, clapping for her success. She should have shown the same respect to her fellow graduates, they say.

If I was being disrespectful I would’ve made a scene. I just minded my own business and kept walking.”

The problem is that if everyone started doing that, it would definitely make a disruptive scene. But maybe she has a point. She had over 700 seniors graduated in her class. With some large schools hosting graduations for nearly a thousand students, the ceremony can take hours. 

Should she have sat through the next few hours, or should the rest of the world take after her example and find a better way to celebrate graduating seniors?

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