She Received A Check In The Mail For $1,800! If You See One Like This, Get Rid Of It IMMEDIATELY! Spread The Word!

Brenda Berry received a check in the mail for $1,892.35 from “WalMart” in exchange for being a secret shopper. The check looked official, and the letter had very simple instructions to follow. It all looked convincingly real. So real, that it almost seemed too good to be true…

All she needed to do, according to the “VP of WalMart” was deposit the check into her bank account and go shopping at WalMart and be a secret shopper. It sounds like a dream job, right? Berry took the check to her daughter for a second opinion. The two realized that it was a scam that would send her bank account information back to the scammer and bounced days after she had spent the money. She would have been responsible for the money¬†and¬†the bounced check fees.5.3a23It turns out that Berry is not alone. Thousands of people have received these very-real-looking checks for amounts close to $2,000 under the guise of “quality control.”

WalMart even has a notice on their website that clearly states that they do not participate in secret shopping, and they would never initiate contact in this way. They don’t want any more people to fall victim to these clever scams.5.3a24While it would be so very nice to receive $1,800 in the mail (because who couldn’t use that right about now), she realized that she very nearly fell for it. This could have been a huge hassle to work through, and ruined her life for a while. She wants everyone to be aware of this scam! If you see a suspicious check in the mail, do some research before depositing it directly into your bank account! It might be more sinister than it appears.

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