She Realizes That She Can Only Afford To Use ONE Word To Ask For Her Sister’s Help. Her Genius Response Stuns The Clerk.

I would never have figured this out. Whenever I am faced with a difficult choice, I usually just pick the one that seems right at the time and hope that everything works out for the better. I’ve been in tough situations before, but never something as crazy as this! This is an old joke, written before the invention of telephones, apparently. Regardless, it made me chuckle so I thought I would share it with everyone! Too cute.

A blonde and a brunette inherited the family farm, but after a short time, they realized that they needed to do something to keep the farm running. There wasn’t enough income and they could really use something extra to keep them afloat! They add up their life savings into a total of $200.00.

They decide to purchase a large bull with it. The brunette agrees and leaves to go find the perfect bull. Since they didn’t have phones, they agree that when she does find the right bull, she is to telegram her sister and let her know to hitch the trailer and pick them both up.

Finally, the brunette find the perfect bull for their farm, but it’s a little over their budget. The farmer says he wants $200 for it. The brunette, thinking she can get a better deal, says no to his offer.

The farmer says, “Alright then, I’ll give you a great deal, how about $199.00?”

The brunette accepts and buys the bull. She has $1.00 left for the telegram. She tells the clerk about her story, and that she needs to tell her sister to attach the trailer and drive to this farm and pick them both up. The clerk says, “It’s $1.00 per word.” The brunette thinks about this and says, “Just write, ‘comfortable.'”

“Comfortable?” the guy questions.

“Yes, my sister reads very slowly. She’ll understand!”

Yes, I can hear your eyes rolling through the screen! It’s funny, though! “Com-for-ta-ble.” Say it three times fast, and you’re really saying, “come for the bull!” Why didn’t the sister just go with them in the first place? Were they worried about gas? Which farm were they at? Too many questions, I should just enjoy this silly joke for what it is – a JOKE!

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