She Realized Just How Much She Needed “Mom” In This Shockingly Relatable Admission

Like most of us, Amelia Holjencin realized something as an adult that she took for granted as a child: how awesome moms can be.

Do you ever just realize that your mom is a living, breathing angel and feel really bad for being mean to her when you were 15?” Holjencin starts.

That moment, for her, was just before her exams while she was away at college. She hadn’t seen her family in months, and after a recent mass shooting in Texas, she couldn’t shake the feeling of “what if it had been my family?” She was heartbroken for the families that were suffering in the wake of the tragedy, but she wouldn’t be able to see any of her family for a while longer.

I felt more and more homesick the more I thought about the tragedy—it really made me miss my family.”

So, she called mom.
Her mother gave her some good advice, sent her a few inspirational videos, and called back several times more just to check on her daughter.

It dawned on me later that day how amazing my mom’s love for me was. I just felt so grateful to have a person who cares for me SO much. I know that no one else I meet in my life will ever love me or care about me in the way that she does.”

She wanted to share the feeling with everyone and tweeted out her feelings…and found herself shocked when thousands and thousands of others admitted that they felt the same!

Some things may be out of our control, but appreciating our loved ones is a little shift that can (hopefully) make a difference.”


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