She Ran Away With Her 2 Children And Made A Bold Request From A Store Manager. His Response Is What We ALL Should Strive For!

Who was your favorite boss? Throughout your life, you’ve probably had a few jobs that you remember fondly…and a few that you would much rather forget! Some people come into a “powerful” position as a manager or supervisor and immediately let it get to their heads. They become self-righteous and look down at others who they feel are “below” them. Others take their new found position with grace and dignity and use their power to help those who need it. One employee writes about the best boss he ever had, and the story is incredible.

So let me first off by explaining that my store manager is 6’3″ and very intimidating to look at. It turns out that he is actually a very nice guy, and I learned just how¬†nice from one incident that I will never forget. This is the day that I learned what kind of guy he was.

I had only been working for about 7 months at the store, and this woman walked in with two little kids. One was about 2 years, and the other was around 5. The mother looked scared. Her hair was a mess and she looked like she had gotten no sleep in days. If I had to choose a word: “rough.” Well she walks up to me and immediately asks to see the store manager. I call for him thinking that she has some kind of complaint.

I was working check out that day so it was pretty slow compared to others. I had a lot of breaks between the customers and during one, I overheard the woman talking to him. She had escaped her abusive husband lived in the neighboring town. She had gotten an apartment with the help of a friend of hers, but she had nothing to feed to her children and so she asked him for help in any way – expired food, left over samples – she was desperate.

The store manager told her to go fill a buggy with food, and to come to my line when she was done. He then told her to get herself, and her children some hot food from the deli to eat. About half an hour later she came to my line with a cart. When I called the manager he told me to ring it up like normal…and then he pulled out his wallet and paid for the woman’s cart and the food from the deli. Then he asked me to come to his office and asked her to wait there.

He said he wanted me to help take things to her car and to give her a paper he was writing on. So he handed me the paper, and I walked her to her car. Once the groceries were loaded, I handed her the slip of paper that my manager had written. She started crying and asked if I had read it yet. I said no, and she shoved it into my hands.

It was a note telling her he was sorry for her position and that if she needed a job to help her to get by, she could show up in a couple of days with no questions asked. It also had his phone number and said to call if she needed childcare because he knew of a few places that would help her out.

Needless to say she showed up and she is a very nice person who still works at our store. This is one of the many reasons why I love the store I work at, and I believe I have the best store manager in the world.

We’ve all been down at one point or another. One of our plans fell through, a job didn’t work out quite like we’d hoped, or even a relationship turned sour without much warning. This is all made hundreds of times worse when you have children involved – especially an infant. This man may never know just how much he changed her life…but I’ll bet that he has an idea! This is the kind of person that I want to be in the world!

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