She Punched A Classmate In The Face, But The Reason Had Her Mother Reporting The School To The Governor’s Office!

Where is the line when it comes to kids bullying each other in school? I still vividly remember my 7th grade music teacher telling me that “boys will be boys” after a student popped my bra open during class. I didn’t go to the office because I didn’t retaliate, but the boy wasn’t sent to the office either because it “wasn’t a big deal.” If this ever happens to my daughter once she starts school, I hope that there will be better policies and punishments in place than when I was young. I would have pressed charges, but this mom took a different approach.

This story has been censored to protect the names of the people involved, but it really is a powerful story. 11.2b

Did something like this ever happen to you in school? Maybe it wasn’t a snapped bra, but it might have been someone pulling down gym shorts as a “prank,” or inappropriate behavior during class. Children don’t always make the best decisions, but it’s up to the adults in their lives to correct and admonish that behavior so that it never happens again. Just because they are children doesn’t excuse their behavior, and “kids will be kids” just isn’t an acceptable reason anymore.

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