She Promised Her Son A Treat If He Behaved Well At The Store. Instead, He Chose To Do THIS For Firefighters!

Parents are never sure if the lessons they try to teach their children over the years are ever truly learned, but sometimes, things like this happen that put those fears to rest.

Summer Aldridge was out shopping with her young son. It was just a regular shopping trip on a regular day, but this particular shopping trip ended on an unexpected note. Aldridge promised her boy that if he acted well and behaved for the entire trip, she would reward him with $5 to spend on a drink and snacks.

True to her word, she gave her son his hard-earned money and watched him excitedly pick out a candy bar and a drink. Then, she watched him do something amazing. He looked behind him to see a group of firefighters in line, too.

And then, he put back his treats.
He brought a different box to his mother: a box of breath mints.

He asked her if he could give them the treats instead. She was stunned!He purchased the mints with his own money and handed them to the men nearby! They were extremely grateful, and when they asked what he wanted for Christmas, his only answer was that he wanted to be a firefighter one day too.

I am so proud to be his momma.” Aldrige wrote on Facebook.

The holiday season brings out the best in most people…but most suspect that this little boy would have acted the same even if the holidays weren’t around the corner!

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