She Posts This Picture And Reveals The Horrifying Truth Behind Energy Drinks!

Many of us have a few bad habits that we should probably give up. The problem is that things that make us happy are cheap, fast, and usually delicious. Like greasy fast food, or, in this case, energy drinks. They are filled with sugar and caffeine, and drinking too many of them too often can lead to addition and heart problems.

Dion Parratt found herself in an awful situation and wanted to bring awareness to others. She drank energy drinks throughout her childhood, but she knew that she had a problem when she would drink around 5 energy drinks per day. For over 7 years, she continued her destructive habit, and found herself developing a serious herat condition. At only 18, she has suffered 2 miscarriages due to her addiction, and now that her condition has worsened, she wants to spread the word about these harmful drinks.

She wears a large box that monitors her heartbeat for 24 hours a day. She knew that if she wanted to have children and a normal life, she would have to give up the habit completely.

It was hard, as most things are when addiction is involved, but was did it for her own sake. When the energy drinks are easily available and not regulated, it is just too easy for kids to get their hands on them. At 11-years-old, her habit began.

It didn’t get better until the doctors realized how advanced her heart problems had become. She is struggling, but she wants her story – as hard as it is – to help others who many be going through the same challenges.

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