She Posts A VIRAL Picture Of Breast Milk Online. The Reason They Are So Different? The Human Body Is AWESOME!

How much do you know about breast milk? Unless you’ve been around a nursing mother or nursed children yourself, probably not too much. In fact, even nursing mothers might not even know why these two packets of breast milk pumped withing 12 hours of each other would be so drastically different! One nursing mother named Mallory Smothers decided to share her discovery (AND the evidence!) with people on Facebook…but she never thought that a quick photo of her breast milk could gain nearly 100,000 shares! I’ll admit, after reading this, I’m not surprised at all.


Mom’s body will actually change the milk’s immunological composition, tailoring it to the baby’s particular pathogens by producing customized antibodies.”2.25a8

Her body realized that her baby was sick within just a few hours! At 3AM, mom’s body recognized that the child needed some extra help to kick that cold…and by the morning, had completely changed to help the baby out as best as it could! Why have more mothers not realized this? Maybe they have, but this isn’t wide-spread knowledge to a lot of people…that’s why this post is going VIRAL! The human body is awesome…just another reason that mom is the best!

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