She Posted This Picture While Making Her Dachshund’s Outfit. Wait Until You See The RESULT!

It turns out that a lot of teens are option to create their own prom dresses this year, and this dog mom is no exception! Brenda S. decided to include her 7-year-old rescue, Sasha, in the festivities by crafting a miniature prom dress that would match her own.

There was quite a bit of extra fabric until the hem of her skirt, so Brenda cut it off and made a little black suit that would fit Sasha. All that was left now was to glue on the matching fabric and create a little hair bow!

Sasha sat patiently through her fittings, letting Brenda take the outfit on and off countless times before it was just right! She posed with her boyfriend and Sasha, all three of them matching perfectly for their prom photos!

Sasha, stunning as always.
The dress is a perfect match, and people fell in love with the story as soon as the pictures were posted on Twitter! Is it a new trend? We kind of love it.Thank goodness her skirt had so much extra fabric at the bottom! People who know Brenda weren’t surprised. She brings Sasha everywhere that dogs are allowed to go. They are constant companions, and Brenda wasn’t about to let Sasha miss out on prom!

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