She Posted THIS Personal Information About Her Son On FACEBOOK…It Has Gone VIRAL! I Totally Support Her Decision.

What do you do when you have nowhere else to turn? This mom was waiting in the hospital after her son was rushed to the hospital. She saw them cut away his clothing in the trauma room and she was given the most horrifying news by the staff at the hospital. She posted this on Facebook and it went viral almost overnight. More people (especially young people) need to see stories like this to know that the consequences are REAL and WILL impact your life in the most devastating of ways.


She later posted a few updates on her son’s condition. He did wake up from his stroke and is working very hard to recover from this terrible condition. They have specialists and physical therapists, and they are hopeful that he will be able to continue treatments as he works towards recovery as he learns to talk, eat on his own, and eventually walk. They have a difficult journey ahead, but they are full of hope that he will one day be able to live a normal life!

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