She Posted This Heartbreaking Photo When Only One Child Showed Up To Her Sister’s Birthday Party

The internet can be a hateful place, but sometimes it can really pull together to do something wonderful! Six-year-old Kinley was excited to host her birthday party at a bowling alley! She helped to set up her table with a cake, balloons, silverware, ice cream, and goodie bags for all of her friends that were sure to arrive soon!…But as the “starting” time came and went, only her friend Jayla came to celebrate her friend’s special day. After a while, they decided to make the most of it!

Kinley’s older sister posted this picture on her Twitter, and internet strangers around the country offered to send her presents and birthday cards. Most importantly, they left her sweet birthday messages to help out!

The girls played neon mini golf, held hands, laughed, and quickly became friends! They played in the arcade and spent their tickets to pick out prizes for each other.

Sadly, this is starting to become a more frequent occurrence. Even when parents specify that no gifts are required, or that everything has been paid for, children just don’t seem interested in large parties. Maybe it is the parent’s fault, or maybe there are other factors to consider…but does this growing trend mean that birthday parties are a thing of the past?

Some have said that they plan to use the money they would have spent on a party to take their child out to do their favorite thing and eat their favorite food. Why waste money on a party when no one will show up?

What do you think?

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