She Posted Pictures Of Her 7-Year-Old-Self’s Diary And It Is The Most Dramatic Thing. Like, EVER!

16-year-old Madie Cardon is a sophomore in high school. She’s got friends, studies, and extra-curricular activities. And like many people, a diary. She found it one day while cleaning and began re-living her childhood. Spoiler alert: it was hilarious.5.17a34

She was 7 when she wrote these diary entries, and the epoch of Madie, Riley, and Jessica have since gone viral. While many of us might have situations in our lives that we can suspiciously relate to this drama, something about the angry scratch marks and inconsistent letter styles just makes this one so much better. I can feel her angst! It’s beautiful.

5.17a31In case it’s too hard to make out, here’s the deal. Madie likes Riley, but nothing is going her way, so she self-diagnoses “deppresion.” Riley has been chasing Jessica at recess. Jessica hugs at least 5 boys every day. You can see why this is a HUGE problem! Madie decides to tell Riley about Jessica’s darkest secret: she still wears pull-ups! That will surely drive Riley into her arms…right?
5.17a32 Well, she decided to send Riley an “anomious” Valentine, leaving at his desk to find…but Riley threw it away! She is upset and it’s making her “deppreson” so strong. This is becoming a real problem. 5.17a33Well, it looks like Riley has driven Madie off of the deep end. She is DONE with boys. In fact, she is feeling just a tad bit murder-y about it. She had to label the mysterious object as “gun” because it clearly looks like a half-eaten doughnut, and she doesn’t want to forget these feelings.

Since sharing her tragic love story, Riley, Jessica, and Katelyn have all had a good laugh at the entry! Fourth grade was rough, but she’s enjoying her internet fame thanks to her hilarious story telling!

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