She Posed With This Homeless Man. Her Message: Don’t Judge People Before You Give Them A Chance

Renée Williams was heading to a game with her friend when she was stopped by security outside of the stadium. The pair had already made the trip twice because they initially forgot to bring the tickets with them, and when they were stopped for a second time, Williams was about to give up. She had brought a large purse instead of a small hand bag and security told her that she wasn’t allowed to bring it inside. 

She had two choices: throw it away or miss the beginning of the game by walking all the way back. That’s when a couple standing nearby suggested something that sounded crazy.

“Ask a homeless person to watch it for you.” They said.

Williams wasn’t sure about it, but realized that she was just going to toss the purse anyway, so why not? She found a man siting near a tree and offered him $5 to watch her purse until the game was over. He agreed, and she wasn’t sure that she would see him again but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Sure enough, got out of the game, found him, and there he was, with my purse.”

She wanted everyone to know that this man was trustworthy and posted the story online. She posed with him so that people would know it wasn’t just some cry for attention, he was a real person who kept his word and deserved it.

I guess what I am trying to say is, not all people can be judged just from seeing a certain situation they may be in or what they may look like. I took a stab in the dark. I didn’t know this man. He had no home. No belongings. He sat there for three hours in the same spot. He told me he’d be there and that he’d have my purse. I thank him. It’s not the purse I care about. It’s the principal of someone still knowing and understanding the worth of keeping your word. God Bless you sir. I hope you can prosper into whatever you’re looking for. Please share if you’d like to spread a smile or two.”


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