She Posed With A Complete Stranger In Walmart After He Did THIS In The Line!

Ida M. was waiting in the long, chaotic line of her local Walmart when she decided to have a chat with her sister on the phone. The lines were a mess and she wasn’t in much of a hurry. When it was finally her turn in the line, she hadn’t quite finished her conversation and stepped aside to let the next person up to the register. She teased him briefly because he had been texting, and the irony of her being on a phone call wasn’t lost on him.

They hit it off instantly, both joking back and forth when she finished her phone call.

…as he proceeded to put all of his HEALTHY food on the pulley, I teased him even more. Stating that I didn’t even want to put my calorie and fat infested food next to his. I asked for his approval as I put each of my items next to his. He laughed and gave me a hard time right back.” She wrote.

Then, he started talking with the cashier, and Ida joked that he was talking about her bad food habits…but what he said next absolutely floored her.

But it hadn’t been a joke.

He wants to pay for your food.” The cashier said.

Over $200 worth of “unhealthy choices” were paid for by the stranger, and she told him that she wouldn’t let him. Ida also had several cans of baby formula on the conveyor, and she was sure that the man had no idea how expensive they would be. She tried to tell him that it would be too much, but he just kept telling her that it didn’t matter.

I love your sense of humor and your pleasant spirit, I think it is rare and all I ask is that you do the same for someone else,” he said.

He paid for it all, and she shared the story in the hopes that it would inspire others to do the same.

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