She Played A Trick On Her Boyfriend…But After His Reaction?! People Think They Should Break Up!

Amanda was goofing around at work with her phone when she discovered an app that would make the afternoon a LOT more entertaining. The work day was almost over, so she and her coworker decided to have a little fun. The app took their pictures and replaced the tops of their heads with a “bald” style…and the results were extremely convincing. She decided to send her picture to her boyfriend without an explanation.

He was not impressed, but his intense reaction had her shocked. She sent her coworker’s picture for extra “proof.” When he probed her for more details, she said it was for breast cancer awareness…and he showed his true colors.
It turns out that her boyfriend is a terrible person.While people criticized her execution of the prank for associating it with conditions that cause people to lose their hair, they were shocked that he would have such a horrid reaction to his girlfriend making her own decisions in life.

Who is he to tell you how to wear you hair?” One comment wanted to know.

Another asked if she was free for dinner.

The “prank” went viral, but there is no word on whether or not she broke up with him. Most people who saw her story hope that she dropped him like a hot potato!

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