She Picked A Rose For Her Mother…But When They Went To Smell It They Found THIS Inside! A Once-In-A-Lifetime Event!

It’s official! This girl is a Disney princess.

At first, no one realized what was in the rose! Only when mom leaned over to smell it did she realize what was curled up in the innermost (and apparently the softest) petals. We expect a little bit of wildlife when we pick flowers. Maybe a bug here or a beetle there. Hey, maybe even some dirt. But this is too precious…


The little lizard opened his eyes for just a moment, waking from his warm, soft, aromatic nap…4.8a9

And promptly fell back to sleep! Curled up in the sunshine, he had discovered the best place for a cozy midday nap.
4.8a10How insanely jealous are you right now? Everyone wants to be this lizard, and I do not blame them one single bit. One user even wrote the little lizard a poem:

Roses are red,
Lizards are green.
All snuggly in the flower,
Don’t want to be seen.”

It makes me wonder how many little creatures take naps in the middle of rose petals and we just never see them. Think about it for a second. It’s warm, it smells amazing, it’s incredibly soft, and the gentle rocking from the wind as the flower sways with the breeze would send even an adult straight to dream land!

This is too perfect! Now I need a nap, too…

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