She Passed A Homeless Woman Who Was Only Asking For One Thing…And It Changed Her LIFE!

A woman named Kelly was conflicted when she sat down to wait for the train. She didn’t normally post emotional stories on Facebook – social media was supposed to be a place for fun, friends, and family…but she decided that she needed to share what had happened to her just a few moments before. It changed her life.

When her post went VIRAL nearly overnight, she knew that she had made the right decision. She hopes that this story can touch, inspire, and help others who may find themselves in the same situations. It’s a choice to do “the right thing,” and a lot of times, we don’t know what that “right” thing is. In Kelly’s case, she definitely made a great decision, and I’m so glad that social media was able to reassure her!



She posted the picture of the homeless woman’s shoes to show just how miserable she probably was. Once water soaks through fabric like that, it become freezing and almost impossible to dry out. It was already after dark when this incredible event took place. Amy was probably looking at another night in the cold, with soaked feet, feeling miserable and as if no one cared at all.

Kelly wasn’t able to hand her $100, she wasn’t able to pay for a hotel, she wasn’t able to give her a job or even a brand new meal…but she was able to give her the shoes off of her feet. Those shoes were the greatest gift that Amy could have hoped for in that moment.

Kelly’s actions did more than just warm one homeless woman’s feet that night.  Kelly’s actions inspired thousands of people to look out for ways to help in their own communities, and that is something that will go a lot farther than just one night of comfort.

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