She Painted Her Staircase With All Of Her Favorite Books, And OMG These Are Spectacular!

Pippa Branham is a crafty person by nature, but she had a vision for her staircase that is making headlines! She finally moved into her own home in the UK and was able to freely make changes to the property now that she didn’t have a landlord to consider. Using her skills and creative imagination, she set to work to prepare her staircase for the incredible transformation.

There weren’t any instructions, so she was largely working from her past experiences and what she felt would really get the job done.

For the first time ever, I was allowed to really personalize my so I wanted to do something different.”

7.20a4One of her biggest concerns was safety, and knew that a slippery staircase was probably not in anyone’s best interests. She tossed in a handful of the children’s play sand into the black paint that covered the tops of the stairs to give it a good amount of grip…or as they say in the UK, “to stop it from being slippy.” Precious.7.20a5She purchased many tubes of matte and silk paint, and her sister-in-law purchased the varnish and sealant as a gift, which was the most expensive part. She wanted to complete the staircase, but didn’t have a lot in the budget for the project. Originally, they were going to carpet the stairs and it would have cost the family £200. Pippa’s project saved them £180 in the end.7.20a3The most challenging part was tracking down the original spines to recreate. She didn’t want to use the current covers and did her research to find the ones that she remembered. The sideways letters were tricky, but she did a brilliant job!

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