She Painted An Old Tire And Stuffed It Full Of Packing Peanuts. You NEED This In Your Garden!

“Upcycling” a broken or used object is nothing new – the concept has been around for centuries, remember sack-cloth undergarments? – and crafty people everywhere are now able to share their ideas and creations with millions of others thanks to the internet. One such idea uses an old tire and creates a unique way to display flowers in your garden, out on the lawn, over the driveway, on your patio…the final product is up to you!

She started with an old tire after getting hers changed. She used a spray paint made for outdoor use in the color of her choice (she chose “Exotic Sea,” and we love it!) and got to work!8.30a9She used a drill to place holes on what would be the underside of the tire for water to escape and drain through. The bottom was then layered with a strip of fabric weed barrier and packing peanuts as a filler. Then, she added soil and an arrangement of flowers. When she waters the plants, water can drip through easily which ensures that the plants will be able to thrive!8.30a10The tire planter has two places around her home: one on the patio for entertaining guests…8.30a8And a second home hanging from a large tree! This way, her flowers can get all of the sunshine and rain that they need to continue to bloom and grow. 8.30a11Will you be tackling this project over the weekend? All you need is a tire, a little paint, and some beautiful flowers to create this one-of-a-kind planter for your garden! See more details on this project here.


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