She Owns A Makeup Studio And Wanted A Glittery Wall. He Came Up With A Solution!

She wanted to add a pop of excitement to her makeup studio but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. Having a crazy cool glitter wall would give her clients a place to take awesome pictures when their makeup and hair had been finished! When she asked her boyfriend for help, they came up with a solution! Section by section, he applied a thick glue to the wall and blew loose glitter over it in layers with a hair dryer. The glitter stuck to the wall without too much effort.

People thought it was sweet! Others thought they might be finding loose glitter in the studio for years…A couple of people pointed out that the glitter was uneven and would be tricky to seal in forever. Others suggested that it would be cheaper, easier, and a lot less messy to just buy sheets of glittery wallpaper!

But even more people were amazed at the idea in the first place and can’t wait to try! Creating an accent wall out of glitter seems like a dream come true! What do you think of this new glitter wall craze? Love it or hate it?

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