She Owes Her LIFE To This Selfie Posted On Instagram Over A Year Ago. Do You See It?

Cloe Jordan loves to take selfies and post them for her thousands of fans to see, and thanks to Instagram, she was able to scroll back and look at the progress that she has made over time. Being able to scroll through her pictures ended up saving her life.

She had lived with a large mole on her stomach for her entire life but had never thought much of it…until she was looking through her pictures and realized that mole was actually changing shape as time went on. She knew that a mole that changes size, shape, and color might be an indication that something is wrong…so she went to a doctor to have it checked out.They tested the mole and confirmed that the mole had become cancerous!

Further testing revealed that the cancer had spread father than just the mole and had even spread under her skin. She posted this picture of her new scar to raise awareness, hoping that people will pay attention to the dangers of indoor tanning.

I had hated it for some time, and every time I wore a bikini or nice underwear and took a selfie, I felt it was getting in the way. I never imagined getting something so serious while being young, but I’m so thankful it was getting in the way of my bikini selfies now, as it has definitely saved my life.”

She hopes that others take her warning seriously.
But her journey isn’t over yet. Her doctor believes that the cancer is still spreading, and she is undergoing more tests to see what other areas need treatment.

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