She Overhears A Struggling Father’s Secret Conversation…And Decides To Tell FACEBOOK What She Heard!

The generosity of strangers is a funny thing. You never know when it will happen or what they will band together in order to accomplish, and more often than not, it takes the internet by storm. For most people, once they fall on hard luck, it can be a struggle that lasts years and years to climb back out and live a peaceful life. Marc never asked for help, but that didn’t stop hundreds of strangers from rushing to his aid when he needed it the most.

This is Marc and Belinda Sable, posing happily for the camera with their two young children. Their adorable family was just starting out, starting to build their lives together. He has one daughter and one young son, and for a while, everything was wonderful. They had planned for a long and happy marriage and a bright future for their children, excited to see them grow and learn over the years.


A few years later, tragedy struck the Sable household. Belinda was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer and only had a few months to live. Despite their best efforts, Belinda was taken from their lives so quickly that it Marc reeling with loss, grief, but the need to continue working in order to support their children. He began working overtime, sometimes working overnight in order to provide the children with everything they needed on top of daycare and baby sitters. For a time, Marc’s little family was forced to live out of their car to make ends meet.


With their unstable lifestyle, he realized that his children needed therapy. He began taking them to a speech and occupational therapy clinic nearby in order to be certain that his children could recover from such a tragic loss. Their lives had been changed forever, but he still wanted them to have the best chance that he could give them.


Marc did not realize just how much this decision would change their lives forever. One day, Holly Lafferty was sitting in the waiting room of the clinic when she overheard Marc’s story. It wasn’t a large office and it was fairly easy to overhear the conversation. She didn’t forget his story once she got home, and something made her write a post on Facebook to see if she could help this struggling father in any way.


What she couldn’t have expected was that her plea for this man’s family would go VIRAL! Lafferty collected the donations and brought them to this father’s aid. Checks, groceries, gift cards, toys for the kids, toiletries, and clothing were poured into her home for this poor family. Lafferty was stunned at the generosity of complete strangers, and Marc even more so.


When we all pitch in to help one another, amazing things can happen! Stay alert to the people that you can help in your life – you may end up changing their lives forever.

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