She Overheard An Elderly Woman’s Plea And Witnessed Something Incredible

While in the waiting room of the ER with her husband, Ashley C. witnessed something that she just had to share. This woman was finished with her visit and was in the process of checking out with the receptionist when her next words cut through the chatter all around them:

I don’t have family. I don’t have a ride home.”

The staff wasn’t able to help her, but one man overheard as well and approached the desk. He told her that he’d been at the ER with his wife and wouldn’t mind giving her a ride home. He didn’t know where she lived. He didn’t know how difficult it might be to help her in and out of the car. When she offered to pay him for his time, he refused.

Ashley decided to help and wheeled the woman out to the parking lot.
The man’s name, she learned from his wife, was Jeffrey. He is in the military and is always on the lookout to help his community. This was just another day for him.

Ashley wanted to share the story, not to shame the clinic for not being able to help, but to praise the man who overheard that someone was in need and stepped in to help simply because he could.

I just wanted to give a little recognition and respect to this man. Jeffery, if you see this, just know your deeds are recognized and appreciated by your community. Thank you Sir for serving our country and our community.” She wrote.

Hopefully, he sees it.

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