She Overheard A Nasty Conversation Making Fun Of A Struggling Mother. What She Did Had Everyone Speechless!!

Recognizing that someone is in need can be a challenge for some people. Instead of thinking, “hey, this person looks like they could use some help,” they think, “ugh, look at this person who can’t even pay for her own groceries.” This mindset sounds shocking to most of us, but some people just weren’t raised to be compassionate.

When a woman standing in line at the store overheard a mother saying THIS to her children, she could no longer hold her tongue, and I have to admit that I am VERY glad she decided to share this story with Facebook! I’m cheering!


You know what? I’ve been there before. In between jobs, budgeting as much as possible, andĀ stillĀ not being able to afford all of the things that we needed around the house is one of the worst feelings. Thankfully, nothing like that ever happened to me in line (aside from having to put a few items back) but I don’t know how I would have reacted if someone had said this about me. This woman was brave for speaking out and helping this poor woman, and I really hope that those kids learned a lesson that day. It’s always better to lift someone UP than to try and knock them DOWN.

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