She Ordered The Wrong Sized Dog Bed, But Her Pup Didn’t Care One Bit!

Who actually looks at the details on products when ordering them online? They are usually listed in inches x inchex x inches, and most of us usually just look at the picture and take it at face value. This dog mom decided to order a new bed for the family dog, but didn’t check the actual size of the product. It was cheap, looked like good quality, and she had free credit to use from the company.

…And then it arrived!

She accidentally purchased the extra small sized dog bed instead of the large! Here is how her dog reacted:The family has two dogs but only one large dog bed that they both share. The dogs deserved their own beds, and mom thought this would be a perfect way to let them have their own space…

Oops! He still looks very happy to have a little place all to himself (even if he can barely sit on it!) and the internet thinks that this good dog is absolutely adorable!

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