She Ordered The Wrong Item And Was Sure The Company Would Want It Back…But What They Said INSTEAD Was INCREDIBLE!

Too many times, big companies will have outrageous procedures for used or returned items. Companies usually order that their returned or unsold stock be documented, destroyed, and tossed into a dumpster so that no one else can use it. It seems like a cold and wasteful procedure, but they do this in order to avoid lawsuits from people who would take advantage of the fact that items have been “used” in order to sue them. So when Kelly Kinkel placed an order that turned out to be “not quite right,” she was expecting the company to want the item back…instead, they said THIS!

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It seems like this company is trusting their customers to be decent people. If the item were shipped back to the warehouse, it would most likely be destroyed, remaining unused. I think this is wonderful, but I do hope that no one takes advantage of the company’s kindness and cause them to halt this incredible policy. This story is inspiring. If more people were kind to those in need, companies would feel safer giving back to their communities! I hope this trend continues for years to come!

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