She Ordered An Office Chair Online. What Arrived Was Confusing Until She Read The Fine Print!

With just a few clicks and searches, you can find literally anything for sale on the internet, but as one woman learned the hard way, it is just as important to pay attention to the product details located in the item description box!

Savannah ordered a cute, unique chair off of Amazon, hoping to brighten up her work space. Unfortunately, no one would be sitting in this chair anytime soon: The six-inch-tall miniature that arrived was not exactly what she had been hoping for! People were quick to find out exactly what went wrong and discovered that while she had been browsing different chairs online, she accidentally stumbled into a section that was selling miniature items for dollhouses. When the $9 chair popped up, she didn’t think twice about the purchase. A cute chair for ten bucks? Yes, please.

But when the package finally arrived, she still didn’t think anything was too strange. Sure, the box was small, but most things were “some assembly required.” After she opened it up, however, she realized her mistake!

She hadn’t paid attention and had purchased a miniature chair for a doll house instead of a full-sized desk chair. She went back through her purchase history, sure that there had been some sort of mistake…and that’s when she realized that the product description clearly said “miniature replica” and “six-inches tall.”

Oops! Anyone want a chair?

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