She Ordered A “Vegan Meal,” But This Is What They Brought Out! She’s So Confused!

When they were on a holiday, these two sisters looked up a restaurant that claimed they “catered to vegans,” and decided to try it out. With certain dietary restrictions, it can make it difficult for some vegans to find a place to eat, especially while in a different country. After a bit of searching, they stumbled across a little cafe that claimed to serve “vegan meals.” As you can see, they probably don’t actually know what a vegan meal is, and Twitter is going nuts.
Instead of an actual meal, the restaurant served 3 raw tomatoes and onion slices. No seasoning, no substance…just two raw ingredients splattered on a plate. She was amused and still paid for the ingredients (which ran her about $10), but it was clear that some places just still don’t understand what it means to be vegan.

The restaurant was in Spain, and while many traditional dishes are based around meat, they at least tried to cater to the vacationing vegans looking for a quick bite. They missed the mark, but the sisters got a good laugh out of it and decided to share!

The viral picture led others to make better recommendations for the rest of their trip. Plenty of restaurants in the area know what a “vegan meal” is, and hopefully, the sisters can find better things to eat!

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