She Ordered A Doormat Off Of Amazon. What Arrived In The Mail Is INFURIATING!

A growing number of people are using to buy the things that they need. It’s easy, usually costs less than physically making time in their schedules to drive around town and search for the item, and makes it simple to buy exactly what they want. They can research the different products, talk to others who have purchased the same items, and in the long run they save a lot of money.

But in some cases, customers are scammed, and the results can be hilarious at times. For one woman, the items she received were nowhere near what she had ordered. At first, she thought that she had misread the description of the item. She confirmed that it was not her fault and that she had read the description correctly. This was a scam, and she posted her ordeal online where it instantly went viral.

This was the description of the product:7.25a13

The picture fit the description, the reviews were positive…what could go wrong? This is what she received in the mail. It was a¬†picture¬†of the doormat printed on foam. These were pictures of doormats, not actual doormats. She contacted the seller, who blamed her displeasure on the image available on of their product.7.25a14She didn’t reply. Instead, she got a full refund from Amazon and reported the seller as fraudulent. She then was issued two refunds – one from Amazon, and one from the seller.7.25a15

She decided to donate the mat to her local comedy club!

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