She Only Wanted To Volunteer At The Animal Shelter…Instead, She Found A New Best Friend!

Kayla is a student at Temple University, but when she isn’t spending time in class or studying, she enjoys volunteering at her local animal shelter. The dogs at the ACCT Philly animal shelter love is when Kayla arrives to give them cuddles and walks. The lonely dogs are starved for attention while they wait for a human to come along and adopt them…but Russ just knew that he had found the perfect human.

He would not stop cuddling me. I fell in love.” She remembers about the moment.

One day, she took Russ out for an adventure, buying some snacks from Chick-Fil-A. As she watched Russ enjoy his treat, she just knew that he was the dog for her!She went back to the shelter and put in an application to take him back home with her. Two weeks later, the pair are practically inseparable! Her uncle snapped this candid picture of them and shared to to Facebook, wanting others to know that pet adoption is a really beautiful thing!

My niece and her newly adopted ACCT Philly dog of less than 2 weeks. Talk about being grateful. There are just no words to truly describe the sweetness in this photo.”

Even people who already had pets were inspired to go out and volunteer at their local shelters! The dogs look forward to spending time with people, and the more exposure their receive, the more likely it is that someone will see them and want to adopt!

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