She Noticed That The Server Sat Down At A Customer’s Table. Then, She Realized What He Was Doing!

Keshia Dotson‎ was visiting the state of Illinois when she decided to grab a bite to eat at their local IHOP. After a while, she noticed something different out of the corner of her eye…the server had sat down at a customer’s table! When she realized why, she just had to share it with everyone. He deserved recognition!

A man and disabled woman were dining and your server sat down with them and proceeded to help feed the disabled woman while her companion enjoyed his food. My faith in humanity has been restored a little today.”

She sent the message to that IHOP location hoping to praise the server for his going the extra mile to help a customer. The post was recognized by people in the area…and even other servers who worked at the restaurant! They commented to say that this is a regular occurrence! The woman comes to dine with them quite frequently, and it never matters what else this server has to do…he always makes time to help her eat!

Having compassion for the disabled shouldn’t be sure a rare thing, and many were quick to point out that the reason this man’s actions went viral were because they were “out of the ordinary.” But more and more people hope that by sharing these stories, it won’t be such a “strange” thing to see in public and are trying their best to help out when they can.

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