She Noticed Something While Doing Her Husbands Laundry When He Was Late For Work AGAIN…It Broke My Heart!

Marriage is a LOT of hard work. While we may get a skewed picture of it from movies or television, there really isn’t a way to describe how much your life can change when you vow to be faithful to one person for the rest of your life. It’s a big step, and the most important thing of all is working through your problems and trials together. When some people have trouble communicating, that is when things can get REALLY messy, and for Jonna Miller, this had never been more true. When she finally realized what the problem was in her marriage, she wasn’t sure that she wanted to admit it…and in the end, we are left with this story.


Jonna married the love of her life, and she expected it all to be perfect! They already had a child together, so melding their lives would be easy, she thought. She also has a blog that she uses to write about everything in her life. Her husband, her marriage, her daily life – nothing is off limits – all of it gets posted to her followers…but sometimes the one person she should have been telling was the one person she was taking for granted. He would come home from work with flowers and little ways to say “I love you,” and she loved their new life together.


But he started working late, and she became increasingly suspicious. However, instead of talking to him, she started talking about him, and some of the things she wrote were just unbelievable.

I don’t ever recall the Prince in the fairytale having rough, cracked hands and crows feet before he turns 30. I don’t recall the Prince missing dinners because he was working over time…”

Frankly, she thought that she deserved more than what she was getting. She wanted more time with her husband, but she also expected him to bring home a large paycheck so that she could afford the luxuries that they enjoyed. She used her blog to vent her frustrations without having to confront her husband…a move that she would later regret.

One afternoon, Jonna was folding laundry. She had just finished piling her daughter’s clothing and was starting on the next basket when she pulled out a pair of pants for her husband. Had they always been this worn out? She folded them and moved on to an undershirt, finding that it was also faded and wearing thin. When was the last time he had purchased clothing? She couldn’t remember. She grabbed the next piece and realized that it was a pricey shirt that she had only worn once so far, and the realization hit her like a ton of bricks.

12.9h1No matter how tired he was, no matter how much overtime he worked, he would always make sure that Jonna and their daughter had whatever they needed. He never said “no” when she wanted expensive things, he would just schedule more overtime hours.

All it took was sitting down to fold some laundry for Jonna’s entire viewpoint to change. Her husband was no longer “selfish” for staying late at work, he was caring. Her husband was no longer “falling apart,” he was putting his family before his own care. Having a relationship isn’t easy, but Jonna wanted to share her revelation with her followers that communication is a huge part of any relationship, but sometimes, respect is even more important.

Her story has now gone VIRAL, and she just hopes that more people can see what’s really important in life are the people around you, not the things you can buy.

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