She Noticed Her Dog Staring Out Of The Window For Hours On End…When She Realized Why? OMG!

At first, she couldn’t tell that her dog was staring at anything in particular. She assumed that he liked watching the sidewalk to see the people, pets, and squirrels that prances about the greenery visible out of the large window. It wasn’t facing the street, but the walkway was busy enough to warrant her pup spending a good chunk of his day staring out at it.

But one day, she noticed that there was a gray cat across the way staring out of its window back at her home. Her dog was staring at the cat; the cat was staring at the dog. It was adorable.Then one day, she realized that her dog had stopped staring out of the window. In fact, he seemed quite sad about it. He was moping and loafing about the house without much direction. On a whim, she checked to see if the cat was still there, but instead found that the neighbor had placed a large row of potted plants at the window that blocked the cat from looking out. When her dog’s behavior continued, she decided to give a plea to the cat’s owner. She told him that her dog was heartbroken at the missing cat and begged her neighbor to move the plants…

The next day, a sign with three words was stuck to the window:


The pots had been moved. The cat was perched on the windowsill. Her dog was happy once more!

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