She Needs Help Finding THIS Woman’s Family…What A Heartbreaking Story!

How far would you go to find your long lost family? As we get older, we run out of energy, and essentially, we run out of time to do the things that we loved doing. We don’t have the patience to chase after people, much less search for people who don’t really want to be found. One woman found herself in that exact position, but to make matters worse, she was also recovering from painful operations all on her own. After years of estrangement, Nila had all but given up finding her only family left in the world and was simply concentrating on living day to day. Even a simple trip to the grocery store had become an all-day ordeal. Getting out of bed in the morning was no longer as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. But when a young girl realizes what this old woman is going through every day, she decides to do something about it!


She has no family except for a niece that possibly still lives in Hercules whom she has not seen or heard from in 10 years.”


Here’s hoping that Nila’s niece will see a picture of her aunt on social media and reconnect with her long-lost auntie! This post has already gotten over 10,000 shares. She’s bound to see it sooner or later! Since this kind young girl was only able to get this snapshot of Nila from a distance, it seems that Nila wasn’t aware the girl was trying to help her reunite with her fmaily…but if it helps her find her niece, I’m sure she won’t mind!

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