She Needed Help Creating A DIY Gift For An Autistic Child. This Home Depot Employee Saved The Day!

Mary Grace has a heart warming story from a recent trip to the hardware store, and so many people were touched by it, she has started raising awareness for autism!

I decided to make a DIY birthday gift for my favorite little boy, Salvo. Salvo is autistic which is why I felt that a sensory water table would be the perfect gift.”

She went to a Home Depot that was a little farther from her house than usual. Why? She can’t say, but she is really thankful that she chose that one instead. In the plumbing isle, she was trying and failing to fit pipes together. The head of the plumbing department, Andrew Speaks, came to her rescue and asked why she was doing…whatever it was she was trying to do.

Andrew listened to her story and did not hesitate to not only help me find the parts, but also build the table for me.”7.7a13

When the table had been created, she asked how much all of the necessary parts would cost. His response left her speechless!

He said that he would like to gift this to me for Salvo, and further explained that he volunteers with autistic kids, helping them bowl. I believe it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. Only a person who has been touched by autism would understand why this is so important to me. I would like to personally thank Andrew speaks for taking two hours out of his day to help me, what a great person to have in the community, especially the autism community.”7.7a14

She wants to use this viral story to help others better understand people with autism, and help others to have compassion for the people around them.

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