She Met The Man Of Her Dreams. When She Learns He Was Married, She Mailed EVERYTHING To His Wife!

Cheating on a spouse is never a good idea. While the emotional toll can be high, the fallout can be too horrible to comprehend. One guy thought that he was being clever while cheating on his wife. It turned out that he messed with the WRONG woman! Her revenge is devastating.

I met a guy online who told me he was separated from his wife. We “dated” for about 6 months. I put that in quotes, because it turns out he was a total liar. He was never separated, he was still very much married. I couldn’t believe how he cleverly strung me along when I found out that he was still married and how he lied to me. He led me on for a good 2 months to believe that he was really getting divorced and how I was his dream girl, how I was everything he ever wanted, etc.

He was a total charmer, always knew what to say, until I finally wised up and came to see the light of reason. I completely broke it off with him, deleted any and all evidence I had that he was ever in my life and went no contact. It was such an emotionally bad situation that I found myself in – having dated someone married, and not realizing the depths of his lies. I missed him, and yet I loathed him at the same time.

About month after I broke up with him, I found him online again – with the very same profile, stating that he was separated, but now looking for a FWB situation. I was LIVID. All the anger I had and the rage I had towards him that I never expressed just finally welled up, turned my blood icy cold and I just wanted revenge. So I decided I would take revenge:

I engaged him online under a fake profile and got him to admit that he had dated and had a girlfriend (me) before bringing him to wanting a FWB situation. I got him to state that he was separated and that his divorce would be finalized soon – all the same lies he used when we “dated.” I say “dated” in quotes because really, we were cheating. I just was led to believe that we were dating. Stupid me.

I then printed out copies of everything that could be used as evidence of his cheating: I captured screenshots of his profile, as well as the photos of himself that he took. I printed out conversations I had posing as a potential FWB for him – including the ones where he admitted to having a girlfriend – put them all in a large white envelope, added a note with it that said, “Sorry, you’re married to a cheater.” and mailed it anonymously to his wife.

I got such an adrenaline rush out of planning and executing that revenge. The moment I slipped that envelope into the mailbox will be one I will never forget – my heart was beating so fast, my pulse was racing, it was such a high.

A week or so later after I sent that envelope, he blew up my phone calling over and over again, but never leaving a message. This went on for 2 days until I blocked his phone calls and his texts.

That period of knowing him and acting on that revenge put me in a dark place, one that I don’t wish to return to. But I know now that I have a dark side that will and can exact revenge if I’m ever crossed like that again.

So, Shawn. I know your life will never be the same again. Karma was delivered with my name all over it.

Everyone who read her story was stunned. Usually, these situations end without much fanfare, but she had kept a record of everything from the beginning to the end. One comment pointed out that his wife could use the proof favorably in their inevitable divorce, and another said that she may have been a bit too harsh on the guy. What do YOU think about her wild story?


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