She Met An Elderly Woman At The Dog Park. When The Woman Made A Sad Confession, She Had To Help!

Without a tight-knit community to watch out for each other, many elderly people end up being forgotten. When they no longer have living relatives or live far away from their families, it is too easy for people to overlook their needs, and in some cases, they may go weeks without having a conversation with another person. In one elderly woman’s case, she was unable to cook for herself and had been relying on freezer meals from the grocery store for dinner every night. Keesha M. had a conversation with an older woman that stuck with her, and she knew that she had to do something to help.

I met the sweetest elderly woman at the dog park a couple days ago and through random chatting, she told me she eats a TV dinner every night of the week. She said on special occasions, she goes to the grocery store deli and gets to buy a container of hot soup. She has no companion beside her dog and she does not cook. I told her I’d return in a couple days with something special for her. So, I turned to my trusty Nordstrom Cafe (copycat) Tomato Basil Bisque recipe developed by This Old Gal and made her containers of soup she can freeze and eat when ready. I also couldn’t resist crusted Parmesan Italian bread to add on the side. This recipe is so understated. PS – do for others who can never repay you.”

Her message resonated, and people pledged to start paying more attention to their own neighbors. Others pointed out that it was difficult to manage a grocery budget when living alone. It gets expensive to keep enough ingredients only to make enough food for one person – “unless you’re prepared to eat the same thing for dinner every night for a week,” wrote one concerned commenter.

Keesha is urging others to pay attention. Making a batch of soup didn’t cost much of her time or her budget – but it absolutely made a woman’s life easier for a while.

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