She May Be 100 Years Old, But She Has No Plans To Retire!

Most people plan to retire in their late 60’s or early 70’s, but at 100 years of age, Marjory “Nan” Thatcher still doesn’t have any plans to retire.
In 2001, her son, Tom, lost his job and was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to find another one. He was 58 years old and decided that the best way to not get fired was to be his own boss. He started a company called Road Work Ahead and hired his wife and mother to help him out.

At 85, she was losing her eyesight…but that didn’t mean she couldn’t answer the phone! And so it happened that for three days a week, she would sit at the front desk, be pleasant, and answer the phone if it rang.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,” Nan explained. “Thursday I have my hair done. I’d be bored silly if I didn’t have this to do.”

It isn’t a heavy workload, and while she may sometimes try and sort the mail, she can’t be sure that she’s done it right due to her eyesight.

While her son doesn’t pay her, she still wins “employee of the year,” every year.

“Well, we buy her lunch, does that count?” Tom joked.

Nan is just happy to be around the family business and enjoys working with her children, grand children, and great-grand children! Without fail, she’ll be there to work…

“Well, unless there’s something better to do!” Nan says.

Seeing her family and helping them out three times a week gives her a purpose, and being around the people she loves makes it all worthwhile.

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