She Mashed Her Lipsticks Into A Palette And People Are Freaking Out

With the massive amounts of beauty products out there, people who love to collect and review different products have found themselves with a growing problem: they’re running out of space. With collections that could rival an actual beauty store, finding places to store it all has become a unique challenge. Most people keep a small makeup bag with all of their products stuffed inside…but for these gurus, one makeup bag will never be enough.

One way that they’ve come up with is to simply mash the product into smaller spaces! A collection of 12 lipstick tubes is awkward to store and even more awkward to sift through. 12 identical containers that aren’t immediately identifiable without flipping them over to read the label or opening each one to find a specific color can be exhausting and wastes a lot of time. Small, clear containers can be stacked for easy sifting, and since makeup artists end up applying products with brushes anyway, this method just makes so much more sense!

While this solution isn’t ideal for most of us who only have three shades of lip color and one or two eye palettes…it’s still nice to dream!

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