She Makes Her Living Selling A Weekly Newspaper Outside Of His Hair Salon. He Gave Her A Haircut For Free!

In Seattle, there is a weekly paper that people can sell as an alternative to begging on the streets. Caroline sits outside and sells the paper as a way to make a living and really cares about the social justice issues that the paper covers every week. Caroline is diligent in her task, and as it turns out, hasn’t had a haircut in over a year.

A barber named Daniel decided to offer her a haircut, and the pictures are going viral!

This is Caroline and she is outside the salon almost daily selling Real Change papers and Daniel went out and offered her a haircut today.”

5.5a12A lot of people were asking why they didn’t offer for her to go inside and have a proper haircut. 

She wanted to stay outside and provide newspapers to those people who rely on her for those.”

She insisted on sitting on the sidewalk to be sure that anyone who wanted a paper could get one! It turns out that Daniel frequently offers free haircuts to the homeless or people who aren’t able to afford one. 

This kind gesture hit home for a lot of people, and it warmed everyone’s hearts to see the smile on Caroline’s face! Her first haircut in over a year must have made her feel very special. Getting a haircut is a great way to boost confidence and gain a new perspective on life. 

He made her day, and his story made ours!

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